We've done it again! We released our second title, SAWS+ Character Sheets for Pathfinder. Now, everything you loved about our sheets for d20 v3.5e characters is available for your Pathfinder characters. Do note that the "Skill Synergies" page is *not* in this set because Pathfinder did away with Skill Synergies.

Coming soon to this page: a sneak peak at one of the Weapons pages for Pathfinder!

Below is a sneak previews of Dire Giraffe Publishing's first release, SAWS+ Character Sheets!

This is the base page for any character you might want to make -- it's the powerhouse page detailing and Wisdom, Saves, HP and AC and more. We've packed so much onto a single half-sheet...what's left for the other pages?

Stay tuned! Another preview will be here soon!

If you need to reach us, please email us at diregiraffepublishing (circle with an "a" inside) gmail (round punctuation for end of sentences) com.